“Chronic pain” is just what it sounds like – long-term, continuous pain.  The pain may not be ever-present, but you feel it on a regular basis.  Maybe your neck is stiff and sore by the time lunch rolls around each day.  Or perhaps you experience back pain three or four times a week.  Whatever the cause, wherever the pain, it isn’t out of the ordinary and has become a part of your normal life.  You might take pain medication to treat it, or you might just live with it.  But the good news is that regular massage care can reduce the intensity and frequency of chronic pain.  Massage increases the amount of endorphins your body produces.  These are the hormones that naturally block pain signals to the brain.  Sometimes endorphins are known as the “feel-good” hormones.  Regular massage care can also help reduce the cause of chronic pain, whether it comes from excessively tight muscles or just an overload of stress.  Giving yourself time to relax, even for just an hour, can help reduce your stress levels and give your muscles the chance to recover from working so hard.

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