A Craniosacral Massage doesn’t feel like a massage until it’s over.  This technique can be disconcerting for those who don’t know what to expect.  Most massage manipulates the soft tissue of the muscle, but Craniosacral Technique is not manipulative, but rather supportive in its nature.  This technique allows you to remain clothed, and is usually performed face-up, while your skull, heels, tailbone, ribs and shoulders are supported by the therapist’s hands and, in essence, given the opportunity they need to move in the most natural way for them to reduce pain, stress and trauma.  permission and support to move in the way they need to move in order to reduce tension and pain.  That may sound strange, but if you’ve ever felt like you just can’t be yourself, you’ll understand the basic idea.   It’s amazing what a little neutral support can do!  Oftentimes, a “swirling” feeling accompanies this technique, mostly felt where the therapist holds her hands.  This technique is safe for expecting mothers in their first trimesters, since it does not manipulate soft tissue or push on pressure points.  If it is uncomfortable for you to lie down face up for the whole session, a modified side-lying option is available.  As with all massage, it is extremely important to drink plenty of water after the session to flush all the metabolic waste from your body.

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