For the expecting mother, nothing beats a massage.  A modified Swedish Massage, Pre-Natal Massage is tailored for the mommy-to-be, reducing tension and keeping you off your stomach.  SK massage values the safety of our clients, and to minimize any potential health risks, we wait until the second and third trimester to administer full body massage to expecting women.  In this massage, you lie on your side, to reduce the pressure on your back and to keep you off your stomach.  Modified Swedish techniques help you unwind and relax, lowering your blood pressure and elevating your mood.  As your due date approaches, it can be helpful to receive Pre-Natal Massage more often to relieve pain and emotional stress.  Massage Therapists who are skilled in Pre-Natal Massage can even use specific strokes and pressure points to help induce labor as becomes appropriate, and under the direction of a qualified physician, midwife or doula.  As with all massage, it is extremely important to drink plenty of water after the session to flush all the metabolic waste from your body.

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